Go loco for cocoa this National Chocolate Week

Chocolate Week

It's National Chocolate Week - recently voted the nation's favourite themed week of the year. It's not too hard to guess why!

There are some fantastic ways to get involved (not just scoffing the odd bar or two!) and  none better than paying a visit to Salon du Chocolat, the world's largest chocolate show,  opening October 18th at the Olympia National, London.

You'll be able to sample delectable treats from the finest national and international  chocolate companies, such as Artisan du Chocolat, Paula Young, Rococo and many more.  There will also be interactive workshops with expert chocolatiers, gravity-defying chocolate  sculptures - including Hotel Chocolat's life size chocolate cocoa tree - and the pinnacle of  the show, a chocolate fashion show with models sporting stunning couture outfits made  from and inspired by...you guessed it, chocolate! Wonder who gets to eat it all afterwards?

If you can't make it, never fear, you can bring a little chocolatey glamour to your own  'salon' with these delicious Blue Diamond chocolate drinks using our very tasty Chocolate Almond Breeze®...

First off, how about our Real Chocolate Milk? 150g of dark chocolate and  900ml of Chocolate Almond Breeze® - it couldn't be easier, or tastier.

For something minty, and rather teeth-chatteringly chilly, go for our Peppermint Chocolate  Frost.

Or for a smooth, moreish caffeine kick, try our Chocolate Caramel Latte. Mmmmm!

If that gets you all inspired, we'd love you to send us your own recipes using Chocolate Almond Breeze® and we'll send you a tasty treat to say thank you!

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