Almonds make every day a good day

Almonds make every day a good day

Almonds aren't just incredibly healthy for us. And they're not just unbelievably tasty. Nope, these wonderful little nuts are also very versatile, and it's easy to enjoy them throughout  your entire day. Here are a just a few ideas about how our irresistible Blue Diamond  Almonds make the most of any meal or snack time.

To get your day off to a flying start, simply toss some delicious crunchy   All Natural Almonds onto your cereal or porridge. Theyʼll help to keep you going all morning whilst providing nearly as much protein as a hardboiled egg. Impressive!

Those last two hours before dinner can seem like an eternity. Thatʼs when clever Flavoured Snack Almonds come to the rescue - a good handful can make you last until dinnertime without being naughty.

So, you're winding down for the day, you've had dinner but you fancy a little treat. Yes, we  know the feeling too! Here's an idea for a little bit of indulgence without undoing yourwhole day. Take a couple of chunks of high cocoa dark chocolate and enjoy them with a  handful of our Oven Roasted Almonds with Sea Salt. The crunchy almonds and the silky chocolate are a match made in heaven.

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