Get flipping it’s pancake day

Nadia Sawalha’s Almond Breeze Apple Pancakes

Do you know what's so great about pancake day? Well, obviously you get to fill your kitchen with the aroma of scrummy golden pancakes....then devour them. But it's also about the fun that goes into choosing your toppings or fillings. Do you go for savoury or sweet? Do your perfect pancakes need nothing but a classic squeeze of lemon, or do you like to lovingly load them up?

We've got some mouth-watering pancake recipes for you to try all using our delicious Almond Breeze®, like our Cinnamon Swirl Quinoa Pancakes, Apple Pancakes and our Blueberry and Almond Pancakes courtesy of Heidi Roberts Kitchen Talk.

Try one of these recipes tonight, or get our tummies rumbling with one of your own creations by uploading your recipe - and we'll send you some free Almond Breeze® to say thanks.

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