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Thin Shell Comp

To celebrate the launch of our new Thin Shell All Natural Almonds, we're giving away a whole case of them to 20 lucky winners!

Why are Thin Shell Almonds so great? They taste amazing of course! And, because every single one has been oven roasted, the shells are delicately thin and easy to prise open.

Even better, they've been plucked straight from the top of the tree, so they're absolutely free from artificial colours and flavourings. They're also high in Vitamin E and have far less saturated fat than peanuts or cashews. The little beauties!

To get your hands on an entire case of these delicious wonder nuts, simply head over to the Blue Diamond Almonds UK Facebook page and fill in a quick form.

The prize draw ends 30/08/13 - so you better get cracking! 

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