Almonds just keep getting bigger

Almonds just keep getting bigger

It's official - global demand for almonds is at an all time high! Well, we're not a bit surprised.

Almonds have become so popular because they're incredibly healthy as well as being moreishly tasty and wonderfully versatile. 

Here at Blue Diamond we like to think we make almonds even more enjoyable, with irresistible flavours like Wasabi and Soy and our classic Smokehouse®. Or you can simply enjoy the naturally sweet flavour of almonds with our All Natural range.

You can snack on them, nibble them whilst entertaining, cook with them or just sprinkle them on your cereal. You can even drink our almonds as a delicious dairy free milk alternative, Almond Breeze®.

An attitudes, awareness and usage survey by Sterling-Rice Group revealed that Californian almonds came out as the favourite nut among food professionals because of their taste, versatility and texture. Just take a look at our recipes section for a mouth watering range of ideas for appetisers, main meals, desserts and healthy smoothies. The study also said that over 80% of people found a dish containing almonds to be 'better tasting.'

And if you haven't tried them us...your first taste won't be your last!

Source:Global Perceptions Report: Sterling-Rice Group, 2013. 


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