You wouldn't believe the amount of delicious things you can conjure up in the kitchen with almonds. We've tested and tasted (yes, they are yummy) our favourite recipe ideas for Almond Breeze® almond milk and Blue Diamond flavoured almonds so that you can enjoy them too.

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  • Brilliant Brekkies

    Start the day on breakfast recipes packed full of Blue Diamond Almonds and other brilliant stuff and only good things can happen.

    Brilliant BrekkiesView Recipes
  • Amazing Appetizers

    Cooking with Blue Diamond Almonds add crunch and a flavourful punch to these delicious dips and starters.

    Amazing AppetizersView Recipes
  • Mouth-Watering Meals

    Go all foodie and start cooking with Blue Diamond Almonds – these healthy recipes are nutritious and taste as good as they look. Is that your tummy rumbling?

    Mouth-Watering MealsView Recipes
  • Super Smoothies and Drinks

    Start whizzing up your Blue Diamond Almonds. These recipes are refreshing, healthy and super quick to prepare.

    Super Smoothies and DrinksView Recipes
  • Delicious Desserts

    There’s no end to the amazing delights you can create with Blue Diamond Almonds. We hope you enjoy making (and tasting) these almond dessert recipes as much as we did.

    Delicious DessertsView Recipes