Faya Nilsson

Fitness blogger and personal trainer Faya Nilsson started Fitness on Toast to share training ideas and healthy recipes to fuel your body before and after workouts. www.fitnessontoast.com

Nala Hurst

Personal trainer Nala Hurst is passionate about having a positive, playful attitude towards fitness, integrating curiosity and ‘inner wildness’ into daily practice. www.revo-fitness.com

Porridge & Skipping

Wake your body up with hearty Porridge for slow energy release and develop your cardiovascular endurance with a few minutes of skipping first thing in the morning.

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Smoked Scotch Egg & Shin Box

Add Snack Almonds to homemade Scotch Eggs for a delicious treat and improve your hip mobility whilst sitting at your desk with a shin box.

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Hot Chocolate & Yoga

Wind down at the end of a busy day with a cup of Original Almond Breeze® Hot Chocolate and prepare for a good night’s sleep with a yoga fish pose.

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Many people believe feeling good about yourself requires a lot of time and effort, but there are small things we can do to feel great.

We’d love to know how you incorporate your own goodness into your life. To share your photos and experiences join us on Facebook!

American Banana Pancakes & Rolling

Treat yourself with some American Banana Pancakes for breakfast, and keep your abs in shape with a banana roll.

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Shepherd's Pie & Farmer's Walk

Use Unsweetened Almond Breeze in your Shepherd’s Pie for a healthier take on this traditional dish and restore your posture by holding weights while you walk.

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Faya's Avocado & Chocolate Mousse & Lunges

For a delicious treat, try Faya’s Avocado and Chocolate Mousse, made using Unsweetened Almond Breeze. A great way to get good fats into your diet and perfect for a dinner party. After that indulgent dessert, a big exercise like a rotating lunge can help burn those calories. It’s also great for toning your waist, legs, bottom and stomach. Add we...

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Did you know that a handful of almonds (approximately 23 nuts) provides almost half of an adult’s recommended daily vitamin E intake?

If you prefer almond drink, a 200ml glass supplies a third of women’s recommended vitamin E intake and a quarter of men’s.

Honey & Almond Bar & Burpees

Grab an easy to make homemade Almond & Honey Breakfast Bar for a healthy on-the-go breakfast and boost your energy with a burpee twist.

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Italian Spinach Frittata & Balancing

Prepare a light Italian Spinach Frittata for lunch on the go. While it’s cooking take a deep breath, slow down and practice your balances.

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Cinnamon Rice Pudding & Squat Press

Makeover your Rice Pudding recipe using Reduced Sugar Almond Breeze® and try a full body squat press to raise your heart rate and work your whole body.

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We know our almonds are good because we grow, nurture and harvest every single one of them in our sun soaked orchards of California. See, they even sound delicious.

Faya's Chia Pudding & Jump Squats

Prepare Faya’s homemade Chia Pudding the night before for a great post work-out snack and tone your legs and bottom with a jump squat!

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Super Green Smoothie & Rocking

Get your day off to a healthy start with an energising Super Green Smoothie made with Reduced Sugar Almond Breeze® and fire up your core muscles with rotational rolling.

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Smokehouse Houmous & Get-Ups

Include high protein Almonds in homemade Houmous for a new afternoon snack and try a tripod get up ‘movement snack’ to tone your tummy and mobilise your joints.

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Here in California, we’ve been putting our heart and soul into almond growing for over a century. In fact, we’re the only almond drink that grows its own almonds – so yes, you could say we’re nuts about them! To find out more about some of us and our love for almond growing, just hover over our pics below.

Faya's Uber Granola & Hangs

Make a batch of Faya’s Uber Granola at the weekend for a post work-out refuel throughout the week and optimise your posture through active or passive hangs.

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Asparagus & Cheese Tart & Crawling

A delicious Asparagus and Cheese Tart for your lunchbox or an easy dish when you have people over and work on your mobility and strength with a crab or bear crawl.

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Thai Green Curry & Boxing

Enjoy a quick, lower-fat Thai Green Curry by swapping coconut milk for Reduced Sugar Almond Breeze and try Thai boxing – great for blitzing fat and boosting energy!

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