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Here at Blue Diamond our almonds are grown by us, and only us.  We believe they’re the best nuts in the world – not only are they delicious, they’re also bursting with goodness too. And right here we share that goodness with you, from inspirational lifestyle tips to healthy eating ideas to interesting facts. Take a peek… you’ll be amazed at what our wonderful little almonds can do.

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Almond milk Vs cow’s milk

Soy, rice, coconut, cashew… there are lots of different types of milk out there…

Health + Lifestyle

Can added fibre drinks benefit your lifestyle?

Fibre is a crucial part of a healthy diet. It helps keep your digestive…

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Does almond milk contain calcium?

Milk is everywhere. You can find it in every supermarket and corner shop, and…

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How much protein do I need?

It goes without saying that protein is an important part of a healthy diet.…

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4 easy ways to switch to a dairy-free diet

Thinking of going dairy-free? A dairy free diet is good for milk allergies, supports…

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Vegan carbonara

A deliciously creamy vegan Carbonara, made using a blend of cashew nuts and nutritional yeast – you’d never know there were no dairy or egg products involved! The recipe uses gluten free pasta with garlic mushrooms and fresh pea shoots – once the sauce is prepared it really is a perfect, quick week-day meal.