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Can added fibre drinks benefit your lifestyle?

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Fibre is a crucial part of a healthy diet. It helps keep your digestive tract in working order plus it helps prevent heart disease, diabetes, weight gain and even some cancers. Pretty amazing stuff, but worryingly, a lot of people don’t have enough of it in their day-to-day diet.

Which foods contain fibre?

Choosing foods with fibre also makes us feel fuller, while a diet rich in fibre can help digestion and prevent constipation. You won’t find any fibre in meat, fish or dairy as it can only be found in plant-based foods like brown rice, porridge, fruit & veg and nuts such as our homegrown almonds. These are the foods people need to eat more of.

Although dairy milk doesn’t contain any fibre either, some milk alternatives do. However, the amount in most milk alternative products is minimal.

Almond Breeze® contains fibre that can go towards your daily intake, but we felt there was an opportunity to create something even more fibre-friendly. We thought, ‘what if we made an almond drink with added fibre?’

The new almond drink with added fibre

We took our almond drink, with all the good nutrients and minerals that come with it, and added a boost of fibre that so many of us lack in our daily diet to create Almond Breeze® Nutri+ Fibre.

Almond Breeze Nutri+ Fibre combines the goodness of almonds with an added dose of fibre, one portion makes up 25% of your daily recommended intake. Just like any Almond Breeze® product, it’s tasty on your cereal, in your coffee and in an endless number of foodie recipes.

So if you think getting an added boost of fibre is a good idea, why not give our Almond Breeze Nutri+ Fibre a try? You’ll find it in the long-life milk aisle at Waitrose.

Information from Goodness+ is not intended to be used for medical purposes or as a substitute for professional medical or health advice.

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