- Our almonds -

We know our almonds are good because we grow, nurture and harvest every single one of them in our sun soaked orchards of California. See, they even sound delicious. Explore the different stages of our almond’s lifecycle below to find out how we grow the goodness.

  • Bloom

    In February, the buds on our almond trees burst into beautiful pink and white blossoms.

  • Pollination

    Just before spring, over a million colonies are placed in our orchards. It's time for them to get busy and pollinate this year's crops.

  • Growing Up

    From March to June, our almonds soak up all the lovely California sun, their shells harden and the kernels form.

  • Cracking

    The almond hulls begin to open up and dry out in the sun. When the hulls open up completely, we know they're ripe and ready!

  • The Shaker

    It's finally harvest time - our mechanical tree shakers get to work shaking our almonds off their trees ready for us to gather up.

  • Downtime

    Once the cold weather comes, our trees go to sleep and begin storing up lots of goodness for next year's crops.

- Our Growers -

  • Dan

    I'm delighted to be a second generation Blue Diamond Almonds grower

  • Steve

    My family have had the pleasure of growing almonds for over 60 years

  • Christine

    Just like my dad, I'm proud to be a Blue Diamond Almonds grower

  • Galen

    My family have been growing Blue Diamond Almonds for over 90 years

  • Matt

    I've enjoyed growing Blue Diamond Almonds for over 9 years now

  • Dan

    I'm honoured to be a third generation Blue Diamond Almonds grower


Is the number of people that make up our cooperative


Is the number of generations some of our families have been almond growers


Is the number of years we've been growing our almonds

Everything we do here at Blue Diamond revolves around our four brand pillars: Caring, Creating, Growing & Innovation

These values have helped us grow and harvest the finest California almonds for over a century. To find out more just check out the videos below.

With Michael’s third generation almond growing experience, he knows that with care comes the finest California almonds.

By using our quality Almond Breeze® products private chef Mathew can create the stand out food he’s renowned for.

Being the only almond drink that grows its own almonds gives us huge pride in our work and allows us to work together to continue to grow as a company.

Growing the finest California almonds takes a lot of tender loving care. It also requires innovative ways to sustain our land and crops for the future.