Fennel and orange salad with almond and avocado dressing

To make the almond and avocado dressing, add the chopped avocado, mustard, mayonnaise, olive oil and Almond Breeze® to a blender. Blend together until smooth and creamy. Pour into a jug and set to one side while you prepare the salad.

For the salad, thinly slice (or use a mandolin) the fennel, celery and radish. Finely slice the spring onion and cut the orange into slices.

Add the fennel and celery to a bowl, mix and add the cooked quinoa. Pour over the orange juice and mix together.

To serve, scatter the rocket onto a large plate; add the fennel, celery and quinoa mix. Add the radish, orange slices and drizzle with the almond and avocado dressing. Finish with some fennel fronds and Roasted with Sea Salt Almonds.